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The Many Ways the HotSlot Roof Edge Ice Melt System is the best entry-level roof ice melt system:

Category Criteria HotSlot Company “H-E” Notes Summit HotSlot Superior? check-mark-6

Energy Efficiency

Superior conductivity of materials? Yes. Highly conductive
aluminum alloy mass
No. 26 ga. steel is standard offering, an inexpensive and poor heat conductor HotSlot’s aluminum alloy is 8 times thicker and much stronger than “H-E”. check-mark-6
Superior conductivity throughout profile?
Yes. Excellent No. Poor HotSlot has 7 times greater thermal conductivity over H-E’s steel to better distribute heat check-mark-6
Superior conductivity from heater cable? Yes No HotSlot optimizes heat transfer directly to the top and drip melting surfaces. check-mark-6
High mass, highly conductive valley system available? Yes No See Radiant Edge Valley, a very effective and architectural heating element check-mark-6
Eliminates heat loss due to fascia contact? Yes No. “H-E” is screwed directly to the fascia. HotSlot has NO contact with heat-drawing fascia check-mark-6


Easy ordering? Yes. One shape, one piece panel system Multiple parts required, each with different dimensions, angles, etc., Ordering HotSlot could not be easier. check-mark-6
Simple design eliminates complexity of overall job? Yes No. Their manual states “Every roof is different.” Each roof needs custom angles, shapes, sizes, holes, foam variations determined Company “H-E” has 400+ possible configurations from which to choose, greatly increasing margin of error. check-mark-6
One size fits virtually all shingle roofs? Yes No “H-E” recommends an electronic digital protractor be used to determine the “Various inside angles”. check-mark-6


$ $$$ Installers claim HotSlot goes up in a fraction of the time of “H-E” or zig-zag heater cable check-mark-6
Simple tuck in under shingles? Yes No. “H-E” requires multiple clamps to hold several parts in place. Two or more installers are usually needed. HotSlot is simply tucked under shingles and easily fastened through pre-drilled holes. Cable slides in effortlessly after panel installation check-mark-6
Gutters can remain in place during installation in most cases? Yes No HotSlot fits over 90%+ of existing gutters check-mark-6

4. Architectural Appearance

Eliminates exposed fascia fastener bolt-on look? Yes No, “H-E” uses bulky hex-head screws though highly-visible front fascia plane HotSlot’s matching low-profile rooftop fasteners virtually disappear check-mark-6
Rigid extrusion to prevent “Oil Canning”? Yes No “H-E”s system may “Oil Can” i.e., exhibit waviness inherent in lightweight sheet metal, which is considered unsightly by many check-mark-6
Clean, safe fit into adjacent roofing? Yes No. Oil canning in sheet metal and slight angle errors can negatively affect shingle roofing and warranties HotSlot’s rigid construction ensures perfect fit check-mark-6

5. Performance

Consistent heat across eaves Yes No. Their product has laps, gaps, and multiple layers HotSlot’s one-piece heavy extrusion ensures balanced and effective heat distribution check-mark-6
Rigid extrusion to maintain excellent heater contact and conductivity for life? Yes No. Expansion and contraction due to temp changes over time can fatigue soft metal. When soft metals fatigue, their system can progressively lose heater contact and performance check-mark-6
Design eliminates sharp sheet metal edges that can cut/damage heater cable? Yes No “H-E” has sharp, raw sheet metal edges that can damage cable check-mark-6

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