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This is the Summit Ice Melt Systems Information Download Center. Prevent dangerous icicle and ice dam formations with our energy efficient roof heating systems.

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HotSlot Roof Ice Melt System

Our entry level HotSlot offers effective, affordable protection for projects on a limited budget
HotSlot Installation Guide
#300 HotSlot Data Sheet
#320 HS Existing Shingle Roofing
#340 HS Metal Roofing
HotSlot QuickStart Guide


Heated Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Summit’s Patent-Pending Heated Batten Concealed Fastener Roofing#620 Heated SSMR Sectional ViewHeated Standing Seam Web Page
Request Installation Guide


S1 & S2 12-Watt High-Performance Heater Cables

Our S1 & S2 High-Performance Heater Cables
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S1 & S2 Construction S1 & S2 Specs and max LengthsS1 & S2 Power Connection KitsS1 & S2 Splice & T Kits


Smart roof ice management. . . by Summit Ice Melt Systems.

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