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What’s New At Summit Ice Melt Systems?

Summit strives every day to continue developing the finest, most energy-efficient ice melt systems. See for yourself. Our full line of innovative ice melt solutions is comparable to none.

(Update: Released February 25, 2020) >>>> New APOGEE Commercial and Industrial Controllers

We are proud to announce the introduction of our APOGEE PLC Controller. It is the most advanced controller available. Features include a 10″ TFT LCD Touchscreen, ethernet connectivity, local and remote access, iPad and Smartphone operation, and much more.  Find complete information HERE. Download APOGEE Data Sheet HERE.

APOGEE roof ice melt system Controller

(Update: Released January 8, 2020) >>>> 2020 Product Catalog

PC Cover4

The 2020 Product Catalog is ready for downloading. Click HERE.

(Update: Released February 15, 2019) >>>> Improved Commercial and Industrial Controllers

We are proud to provide state-of-the-art Ultra High-Efficiency controllers (Ultra-HECS). Combined with Summit’s patented energy-efficient ice melt systems, we provide the most efficient roof ice melt systems available. Find complete information HERE.

Ultra-HECS Roof Ice Melt System Controller

(Update: Released March 13, 2017) >>>> New Website!

We are pleased to announce we have updated our entire website and have more valuable content than ever! We continue to improve our site every day and welcome your comments.

(Update: Released February 21, 2016) >>>> UPDATED: Compare Our Entry Level HotSlot Side-By-Side to the Thin Sheet Metal Competition

Everyone likes to say they have the best ice melt product. We here at Summit Ice Melt Systems are no different. What is different, however, is that we SHOW you why we have the best. On this new page we boldly compare our patented, entry level HotSlot head-to-head with the competition at a similar price-point. See our technical analysis between them, and see revealing pictures of each system’s performance in wintry 5°F. conditions! Guess why you won’t see these kinds of comparisons by any other manufacturer. Each feature of Summit’s product line optimizes energy-efficiency and ease of installation in every manner possible.
Click Here to Learn the Many Ways HotSlot Beats the Competition

HotSlot at 5 degrees-356x268

(Update: Released July 6, 2015) >>>> Green Building!!

sigba logo2

Demonstrating our commitment to Green Building and energy efficiency, we’re now supporting members of the Sierra Green Building Association.

(Update: Released March 7, 2015) >>>> Patented!!!!
Every feature of the PRO optimizes energy-efficiency and ease of installation

PRO Roof Ice Melt System

We are pleased to announce we have been granted the patent on our PRO Roof Ice Melt System, our flagship roof edge ice melt system.

Many thanks to our fantastic team of consultants, including our world-renowned thermodynamics engineer Jim, and our expert IP legal counsel team led by Bob and his 600 member firm.

The unmatched talent, innovation, and technology behind the PRO deliver patented energy efficiency and performance to prevent dangerous ice dams and icicles. These unique features of the PRO are only available from Summit Ice Melt Systems, Inc.

(Update: Released July 20, 2014) >>>> Visit our Facebook Page!!

Summit has so much information and so many great pictures, we’re spreading it over into our new Facebook page. Come visit and see what new and interesting thing there are to learn!

(Update: Released March 28, 2014) >>>> New Ice Dam Photo Gallery

There are always lots of lively discussions about why and how ice dams develop. Old school thought believed ice formed at the wall line the moment meltwater passed from the heated area of the home to the overhang, then working its way up and down the roof plane. An analysis of these photos shows otherwise. Summit presents this new photo gallery to demonstrate the evolution of ice dams. It explains why our advanced eave edge heating devices are so effective at preventing icicles and ice formations. We stop ice before it ever has a chance to develop. Click here to view our new ice dam photo gallery.

(Update: Released November 10, 2013) >>>> HotSlot Details and New QuickStart Guide Now Available

At the heart of HotSlot is a self-regulating heater and is surrounded with a massive, highly conductive aluminum alloy. Shown here with the Medium Bronze factory finish.

Check out our new HotSlot QuickStart Instructions for an overview of the ease of getting your own roof ice melt system. And click here for a close up of HotSlot. It is truly an amazing ice melt system!


(Update: Released September 10, 2013) >>>> New Heated Standing Seam Web Page

Summit launches new web page for the heated standing seam metal roofing system.

Click here to get there!

(Update: Released August 29, 2013) >>>> New Heated Standing Seam Roofing Rolls Out

Summit is pleased to announce we are doing the final touches on our Patent-Pending heated standing seam metal roofing system.

All too often metal roofing used along roof eaves causes an entirely new set of problems that result in leaks. (More on that here) These problems are finally solved. Summit’s background includes more than twenty years experience in standing seam manufacturing. We are the first to design a true heated standing seam roofing panel. The patent-pending profile uses a heavy aluminum channel that has slots for self-regulating heater cables. The heater cables heat the channel, which in turn heats the batten seam and roofing panel. The batten-style rib profile houses the heating system. All features of an architectural standing seam are utilized: a continuous, waterproof interlock, hemming and hooking of the eave, closures, and an easy, boxed-in finish to the batten seam. More information as the details unfold. Contact us for more information.

Heated Standing Seam Metal Roofing-359

Finally, the safety of a Summit Ice Melt heating system cleverly integrated into a CONCEALED FASTENER standing seam metal roof.


(Update: Released July 5, 2013) >>>> New Energy Efficient Improvements Integrated in the LowSlope Ice Melt System

Summit Ice Melt Systems has improved our LowSlope™ Roof Ice Melt System profile. It now has a unique 1/4″ gap between the fascia and heating element. This translates into optimal heat transfer to the ice buildup with virtually no heat lost to the fascia materials. LowSlope is ideal for low roof pitch construction and roofing materials, including metal, composition shingle, or a wide array of flat roofing (APP, SBS, PVC, EPDM, etc.) It has a moderate to high heat output for the most demanding applications, and its self-regulating heater technology delivers heat where and when it is needed. LowSlope is now available in custom shapes to accommodate variable pitches and plumb fascia planes.

LowSlope New 7-13-1

(Update: Released April 19, 2013)>>>> Summit Rolls Out the Revolutionary HotSlot Roof Ice Melt System

Summit is delighted to formally announce our newest roof ice melt product–HotSlot™. HotSlot is an entry level ice melt system that provides affordable, basic protection for ice formations along roof eaves. Fast and easy to install, HotSlot is the first advanced roof ice melt that provides the performance and economy you need.

HotSlot 463

(Update: Released March 6, 2013) >>>> HotSlot Roof Ice Melt System in Final Development Stages

Summit Ice Melt Systems is very pleased to announce we are well underway on the development of our newest ice melt system product. Those of you familiar with us know we are always in constant pursuit of a more affordable, easier to install, and energy-efficient roof heating system. Spend a few moments learning how we’ve revolutionized energy efficiency in our patent-pending PRO and LT ice melt products, and you’ll know why we’re at the industry’s leading edge of development. Finally, there will be an easy to install and inexpensive to operate roof ice melt system that’s affordable to everyone. Stay tuned for updates!

(Update: Released February 28, 2013) >>>> New Technical and Download Section

Check out our new Technical and Download section. Here architects, contractors, and homeowners will find direct download access to dozens of pdf documents. They include products’ installation details on different kinds of roofing systems, component spec sheets, Guide Specifications, and much more.

(Update: Released January 18, 2013) >>>> Summit Launches New Website

We launched V 2.0!! Kudos to Web Goddess Margie Reynolds for making it happen! Yea! Four times the content of our previous version. Much easier navigation. So much more information you need to know about ice dams and how we can help! We’re just now doing the shakedown cruise, so please bear with us as we do our final touches! Be sure to check out our expanded Learn section, our new How Does It Work page, and a revamped, easy to navigate Why Choose Us page where we boldly take on, nose-to-nose, the primary competitors in the market.

(Update: Released August 29, 2012) >>>> LT is Ready to Ship

As always, dialing in the aluminum element manufacturing is quite a lengthy process as is conducting pullout tests (Passed! Yes!) The LT™ is now available for shipping. There is nothing like it. Get your orders in today!

(Update: Released June 8, 2012) >>>> Architectural Details Available

The following resources are now available for the LT: Architectural Drawings, Installation and Operation Guide, and CSI format Guide Specifications. Contact Us now for complete information.

(Released April 4, 2012) >>>> LT Roof Ice Melt System Rolls Out

Introducing the LT™ Roof Ice Melt System

Summit is pleased to announce the arrival of our new LT Roof Ice Melt System

We are proud to add our Patent-Pending LT Roof Ice Melt System to our family of energy-efficient ice melt systems for roofs. LT is designed to minimize ice dams and icicles across roof eaves where ice formations begin. It’s best suited for light and moderate snow zones, i.e., areas with accumulations up to 20″ on the roof and up to 100″ of annual snowfall. For heavier snow environments, we recommend our more robust PRO . Here are just some of LT’s many features:

  • Advanced heat transfer optimization enables LT to be the industry’s first and only one-cable aluminum extrusion system.
  • Uses 25-50% less energy than other systems.
  • Quick and easy “One-Cable” installation.
  • Ideal for roofs as low as 2/12 slopes.
  • From the ONLY FAMILY of ice melt systems that honestly addresses and prevents corrosion due to electrolysis when copper covers are specified.
  • Truly GREEN: Saves energy when operating PLUS made from 95% recycled products AND is 100% recyclable!
  • Designed for moderate snowfall areas but successfully Tahoe-tested (WOW!)

LT’s breakthrough technology is truly unlike anything ever seen. Its design strictly follows the Four Rules of Thermodynamics to maximize energy efficiency. Here’s something for you numbers people out there. Follow these particular tenets of the Four Rules: A) Minimize heat loss downward through roof contact and B) Maximize heat transfer up to the top melting surface. 95% of LT’s total top and bottom surface is TOP surface. Only 5% of LT’s primary top/bottom contact surfaces are in the downward, heat-losing direction. Compare that to the competition! Development of LT’s Installation and Operation Guide, architectural drawings, CSI Format Specifications, and web resources is underway now.