Summit’s S1 and S2 – 12 Watt/foot Self-regulating Heater Cable Construction and Technology

Summit’s S1 (120Vac) and S2 (208-277Vac) high performance 12 watt/foot self-regulating heating cables are at the heart of Summit’s Ice Melt Systems. They are comprised of two parallel nickel-coated bus wires in a cross-linked polymer core, a tinned copper braid and a polyolefin outer jacket. The remarkable technology of S1 and S2 heating cables enables them to automatically adjust their power output to compensate for temperature variations. They eliminate any worry about overheating and can be overlapped.

The Summit S1 and S2 heating cables are a safe and efficient means to deliver heat to our systems. They effectively eliminate ice dams and icicle formations. They can also be safely installed in gutters and downspouts made from standard materials. The S1 and S2 heating cables can also be cut-to-length during installation. This offers added flexibility to handle any unexpected changes at the jobsite.

Summit Ice Melt S1, S2 Heater Cable Technology and Construction

Radiant Edge self-regulating heaters S1 and S2 cable technology

UL CSA and FM Approved self-regulating heater cables

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