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About “Zig-Zag” Heating Cables

Zig-zag type heating cables perform best in a limited part of the country.

While they are best for Class “3” areas (light snow accumulations of up to 6″) most snow country in North America needs more.

10 reasons why NOT to use zig-zag cables

  1. Cables can’t keep up in moderate and heavy snow conditions.
  2. Susceptible to ultraviolet wear, get brittle, crack, and get damaged from wind and sliding ice and snow.
  3. Accumulate leaves and pine needles and create a fire hazard
  4. Unsightly appearance
  5. Usually installed improperly, leading to poor performance, excessive energy consumption, and risk of fire.
  6. Many cable brands cannot touch another cable or be activated above 50* temperatures without fire risk.
  7. Attachment clips are unsightly and can leak.
  8. They DO NOT prevent icicles and ice dams, and can often make ice conditions worse.
  9. Can consume more than twice the electricity than Summit’s products.
  10. Require constant maintenance: re-setting, cleaning, inspections, and eventual replacement

10 Reasons Why Summit Ice Melt Systems are Better
Than Heat Tape

  1. Maintains the aesthetic appearance of your roof.
  2. Focuses the heat right where you need it, so operating costs are a fraction
  3. Prevents icicles and ice dam formations.
  4. Costs much less to operate, saving big dollars year after year.
  5. Weatherproof installation
  6. Debris does not accumulate
  7. Suitable for light, moderate, heavy, and extreme snowfall areas.
  8. Cables are hidden from view and protected from the elements
  9. No danger of damage from sliding snow or winds pulling them off the roof.
  10. Summit Ice Melt Systems are maintenance free.