Heated Standing Seam Roof Ice Melt System

Summit’s Patented Heated Standing Seam is the first and only bona-fide metal roofing system designed to minimize ice dams and icicles across roof eaves where ice formations begin.

Metal roofing along roof eave edges has become very fashionable, especially among upper-end residential and commercial projects. The intended purpose of using metal edging is to help prevent damage due to ice formations, and as an architectural statement for contemporary design.

Unfortunately, typical metal edging creates an entirely new set of problems. Shingle roofing still gets torn off, often above the wall line where it causes leaks. Ice dams form and dangerous masses of ice fall off the roof unpredictably. And worse, ice dam leaks occur at the busy transition between the metal edging and the primary roofing materials. More information on this is discussed here.

Summit’s history includes the manufacturing and installation of millions of feet of metal roofing in snow country. Add to that our expertise in efficient heat transfer, and you can be sure the Heated Standing Seam will deliver the protection you need.

Summit’s Heated Standing Seam is unique. Its sleek batten profile cleverly houses the heating system. No longer does one have to use exposed heat tape cable to mitigate ice issues along metal roofing. 

Heated standing seam metal roofing to prevent ice dams

America’s first heated concealed fastener standing seam metal roofing system



  • For minimizing ice damage, ice dams and icicle formations along roof edges
  • The only true heated standing seam metal roofing with a waterproof seam interlock
  • A complete metal roofing system, including Drip Eave, “Z” closure, Gable, and transition flashings
  • Suitable for roof slopes 3/12 and greater


  • Fifty (50) year warranty on the Base Panel
  • Forty (40) year warranty on the Kynar-500 paint finish
  • Ten (10) year warranty on the heater cable (Extendable to 20 years on pre-qualified projects)
  • See warranty for complete details

Power Output

  • Varies on profile desired.

Self-Regulating Heat Cable Provided:

  • UL Listed, CSA Certified, and FM Approved
  • 2 runs per batten
  • Model S1 for 110V system
  • Model S2 for 208, 240, and 277V systems

Cover Materials

  • Real 20 oz. copper
  • Aluminum (high-grade Kynar-500 finish)

Aluminum Cover Color Selection

  • 12 Standard colors
  • 15 Custom colors and metallics

Panel Lengths

  • Available up to 10′ lengths

Supplied Components

  • Extended Drip Eave Trim
  • Gable Trim
  • “Z” Closure flashing
  • Vertical and Horizontal Base Panels
  • Industrial quality, self-regulating heater cables
  • Batten-style standing seam roofing panels with integrated fastener strip


  • S1 or S2 Self-regulating heater cable for leads, splices, gutters, and downspouts
  • 4-, 8-, and 12-CDC 30A circuit digital ambient temperature controllers handle up to 4, 8, and 12 branch circuits, respectively
  • Power connection and splice kits
  • Custom, high-efficiency UL distribution panels for up to 18 circuits with 10″ touchscreen, ethernet connectivity
  • Expert layout and design assistance

#620 Heated SSMR Sectional View

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