• You Don’t Have To Live With Dangerous Ice Dam Formations

    Icicles and ice dam formations create very dangerous conditions that can cause injuries, leaks, and property damage.

    You Don’t Have To Live With Dangerous Ice Dam Formations
  • Radiant Edge Tames the Toughest Winter Conditions

    Radiant Edge eliminates ice dams and icicle formations by concentrating heat right at the roof’s edge where it’s needed.

    Radiant Edge Tames the Toughest Winter Conditions
  • Proven in America’s Harshest Environment

    Radiant Edge was developed in Placer County, California, home of the highest snowfalls and largest ice dams in the lower 49 states. Squaw Valley ski area is one-half mile from this property and recently logged 810” of snowfall in one season.

    Proven in America’s Harshest Environment
  • The Radiant Edge Provides Safety, Protection, and Convenience

    The Radiant Edge prevents dangerous ice dams and provides a safe environment for your property and guests.

    The Radiant Edge Provides Safety, Protection, and Convenience
  • Radiant Edge Performs

    Radiant Edge is installed with a heated gutter over a senior citizen’s housing emergency exit. The unheated eave to the left demonstrates how well Radiant Edge performs to the right.

    Radiant Edge Performs
  • Radiant Edge Is Easily Installed on New and Existing Roofs

    Easily installed on new or existing roofs, Radiant Edge makes it easy to keep your property safe from ice dams.

    Radiant Edge Is Easily Installed on New and Existing Roofs
  • Radiant Edge PRO Over Entry Steps

    What used to be a dangerous, icy entry is now made safe with Radiant Edge and a heated gutter and downspout system.

    Radiant Edge PRO Over Entry Steps
  • Radiant Edge HotSlot

    America’s only one-piece heated extrusion system. Pre-painted, pre-drilled, 8′ lengths for the fastest, easiest installation to stop icicles in light to moderate snowfall areas. Patent-pending.

    Radiant Edge HotSlot
  • Radiant Edge LT

    Summit Ice Melt Systems’ LT is proven in tough ice dam conditions. It is the first one-cable extrusion ice melt system. handsome, energy efficient and easy to install.

    Radiant Edge LT
  • Proven With Ice Dams Like Nowhere Else

    Developed, tested, and proven in Placer County, California, the snowiest county in the lower 49 states. Since Radiant Edge works well in this environment, think how well it will work for you!

    Proven With Ice Dams Like Nowhere Else
  • Radiant Edge Prevents Dangerous Ice Formations

    This roof used to have a metal edging to prevent ice dams but ice and snow destroyed it. Radiant Edge was installed to prevent ice formations and further damage.

    Radiant Edge Prevents Dangerous Ice Formations
  • Heat Tape: Not the Right Solution for Many Conditions

    Even moderate snowfalls can be too much for heat tape. It often makes dangerous icicle formations worse.  Visit our Learn section for more information.

    Heat Tape: Not the Right Solution for Many Conditions
  • Radiant Edge Does the Job Using Much Less Energy and Saves You Money

    Every feature of the Radiant Edge is optimized for energy savings. Learn how we melt the competition with our bold head-to-head comparisons on our Why Choose Us page.

    Radiant Edge Does the Job Using Much Less Energy and Saves You Money



BREAKING NEWS –February, 2015:  We are pleased to announce Summit Ice Melt Systems has been granted the patent on the Radiant Edge PRO™ roof ice melt system. Select the Radiant Edge to get the energy efficiency and performance benefits ONLY available from Summit. Protected under U.S. Patent #8,946,601 and other patents pending.  


Protect your investment with Radiant Edge ice melt systems’ breakthrough technology in roof ice and snow management.

The PATENTED Radiant Edge™ roof ice melt system eliminates dangerous ice dams and icicle formations that cause injuries to occupants and property damage.


Radiant Edge ice melt system protects you, your investment, and its occupants. It is an easy-to-install solution that provides a safe and convenient way to manage dams and ice formations, and will save you money in lower operating costs. Learn how Radiant Edge saves operating costsRadiant Edge ice melt systems are reliable, high-performing heating systems with handsome finished looks to complement any building. Every detail, from using the most conductive aluminum alloys, to precision manufacturing, the dependable self-regulating heat cable, and efficient temperature sensor controls, makes Summit the right choice. Discover the many reasons why Summit Ice Melt Systems truly has the EDGE. Smart roof ice management: The Radiant Edge. Proven. Endorsed by engineers, architects, and homeowners alike.  Now you can be properly prepared for next winter. You no longer need to worry about ice dams and icicle formations. Contact Summit today at 530-583-8888 for your free expert consultation and engineered ice melt system for your home or business.

Summit Ice Melt Systems was recently FEATURED on the "At Home With Gary Sullivan Home Improvement Show" on 239 affiliate stations across the USA!


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Why Choose Summit Ice Melt Systems?     Click HERE to learn even more.

check-mark-6 Over 1 billion feet of our U.S. manufacturer’s U.L. approved heater cable installed
check-mark-6 40 years on-the-roof and construction experience in extreme ice and snow country
check-mark-6 25 years ice melt system experience
check-mark-6 Expertly engineered system layouts custom designed for your project
check-mark-6 True money-saving, energy-efficient systems – and we show you why
check-mark-6 Lowest installed cost, lowest operational cost–save year after year 

check-mark-6 Advanced Patent-pending features available only from Summit
check-mark-6 Unmatched innovations in all product lines
check-mark-6 Up to a 15-year certified warranty for our heater cable
check-mark-6 All components are proudly made in the U.S.A.
check-mark-6 In-house CNC precision manufacturing
check-mark-6 Need it now? We have fast shipping 


Summit’s HotSlot: like no other ice melt system.

Its patent-pending one-piece design makes it so easy to order, handle, and install. It’s UL rated, self-regulating heating system delivers heat only when and where it’s needed. The heavy aluminum body ensures excellent heat transfer efficiency, and complies with NEC Article 426 allowing access to the cable.

The heater cable is completely hidden behind the massive drip edge element.  A commercial quality, factory applied baked-on paint finish provides years of maintenance free beauty.  Add to that fastener-free fascia attachment and you are ensured a rich, elegant, architectural appearance.

Say “NO” to exposed zig-zag heating cables and choose HotSlot. You will save operating costs every year, avoid the costly perennial cable replacement routine, and prevent those dangerous icicles and frozen gutters. HotSlot. Protecting your property with an advanced roof ice melt system has never been easier or more affordable.



Summit Ice Melt Systems’ Radiant Edge was developed to answer the overwhelming need for a safe, reliable, effective, and truly energy-efficient means to eliminate dangerous ice dams and icicles.

Radiant Edge focuses heat to right where it’s needed: the eave edge. No need to waste energy by heating the entire roof. Leave that old-school myth behind and find out how the Radiant Edge system works.

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Ice dams are a natural occurrence in snow country. They form when certain conditions co-exist. During these conditions, dangerous icicle and heavy ice formations develop.

Ice dams leak and cause interior damage and toxic mold. Ice formations fall off roofs and damage property and can kill or seriously injure people. Our nearly forty years’ experience with ice dams allows us to really examine how they are formed and know what it takes to prevent them.

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The 4 Rules of Thermodynamics, as they relate to eave ice melting, seem to be a little-known secret among roof ice melt system manufacturers. We are the ONLY manufacturer confident enough to boldly compare our products side-by-side with the competition.

What distinguishes Radiant Edge from the competition? How do they measure up? Learn the 4 Rules and you will clearly understand the difference between our energy-efficient product line and the competition.

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FEATURED TOPIC: Heated Standing Seam

Summit is proud to offer you our patent-pending Heated Standing Seam metal roofing system.

Summit’s heated standing seam is the first and only true heated standing seam metal roofing system. When plain metal is used along roof eave edges it creates its own new set of problems. Learn how our system provides the ultimate in protection while utilizing a bona fide concealed fastener metal roofing system.

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