The PATENTED PRO® Roof Ice Melt System

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Select the PRO when you want the greatest protection for your most demanding projects. It is our top-of-the-line ice melt system that’s been proven in the toughest, snowiest, and coldest environments in America.

Like all Summit’s systems, every feature of the PRO has been engineered to maximize energy-efficient heat transfer to the melting surfaces while minimizing heat loss via contact with the roof deck surface.

The UL rated, high performance self-regulating heating system includes a massive, highly conductive aluminum core to distribute heat only where it is needed. The attractive, metallic cover completes the low-profile, high-performance system.

Out standard PRO Roof Ice Melt System is ideal for roofs 3/12 and steeper. Use our exclusive, Patent-pending PRO32™ for flatter slopes from 3/12 to 2/12.

While others claim energy-efficiency, Summit’s unique background in thermodynamics, construction, and manufacturing make PRO ice melt system the true standout in the industry. NO ONE besides Summit dares to do a side-by side comparison of comparable products. Click the buttons below to see how we melt the competition.

Summit Ice Melt System PRO prevents ice dams on shingle roofs

The PATENTED PRO is easily installed onto NEW AND EXISTING shingle roofs.

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  • PRO: Our commercial quality ice melt system that minimizes ice dam and icicle formations in moderate and heavy snow load areas for roofs expecting more than 15″ snow accumulations and annual snowfalls of greater than 100″ (mountain resort areas, lake effect snow areas, etc.)
  • Standard PRO is suitable for roof slopes 3/12 and greater
  • Use our Patent-pending PRO32™ for slopes from 312 to 2/12


  • Fifty (50) year warranty on the Base Panel
  • Fifty (50) year warranty on the Cover
  • Forty (40) year warranty on the Cover paint finish
  • Ten (10) year warranty on the heater cable (Extendable to 20 years on Pre-qualified projects)
  • See warranty for complete details

Power Output

  • Robust 24 watts/foot

Self-Regulating Heat Cable Provided:

  • UL Listed, CSA Certified, and FM Approved
  • 2 runs per panel
  • Model S1 for 110V system
  • Model S2 for 208, 240, and 277V systems

Cover Materials

  • Real 20 oz. copper
  • Aluminum (High grade Kynar-500 finish)

Aluminum Cover Color Selection

  • 12 standard colors
  • 15 custom colors and metallics

Panel Lengths

  • Standard is 5′, available up to 10′

Supplied Components

  • Base Panel
  • Base Panel lag screws
  • Industrial Quality S1 and S2 self-regulating heater cables (2 LF of 12 watt/foot cable per foot of panel)
  • Cover Panels
  • Splice Covers


  • S1 or S2 self-regulating heater cable for leads, splices, gutters, and downspouts
  • 4-, 8-, and 12- CDC 30A circuit digital ambient temperature controllers handle up to 4, 8, and 12 branch circuits, respectively
  • Power Connection and Splice kits
  • Custom, High-Efficiency UL distribution panels for up to 18 circuits with 10″ touchscreen, ethernet connectivity
  • Expert Layout and Design Assistance

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