1-3/4″ Snap-Lock Rollformer and 30’ Flatbed Trailer For Sale (Specifications, Videos)

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Original Owner’s Operating Manual snap lock cut sheet Installation guide Architectural Guide Specifications



  • Aluminum, Terne, Copper, Steel
  • 18” to 28” wide
  • Steel: 22-26 gauge
  • Copper: 16-20 ounce
Flatbed Trailer, Super Clean, Always Garaged
  • Manufacturer: Norris. Custom made for Tahoe Roofing/Summit Pacific Metal Sales ~1996
  • 8’ wide, 30’ long, over-the-wheel flatbed with wood deck
  • Beefy 4×12 I beam construction
  • 2×4 stake pockets at 30” OC with continuous bumper bar for precise strapping
  • 2-axle, 6,000# each rating
  • LT235/85 R16 tires, 2 new, 2 could use replacement
  • ~6’ x 8’ raised platform over gooseneck for carrying tools, rolled goods, etc.

This is the pre-eminent snap lock rollformer built by Knudson Manufacturing in Colorado who wrote the book on rollforming. This machine is not like a toy like so many other formers on the market. Massive chromed rolls, heavy duty shafts, massive hydraulic shear, 3 pan profiles. It tips the scales at 6,980# unladen which is proof enough this is built to last.

You won’t find this setup anywhere. We modified the machine to be powered by both the original 16HP twin cylinder gas engine (for jobsites) and a 7HP electric motor (240Vac for in-shop manufacturing). No need to purchase panels from a standard manufacturer. Forget lead times. Run panels the moment you have the cut list. Best yet, you can run that one last panel needed to finish the job that got damaged or shorted, and you’ll have a happier customer, get your paycheck sooner, and be off to the next job.

I am the original owner acquiring this from Knudson in 1991. We used it for forming panels for my roofing company, Tahoe Roofing, until 2011, along with some cut and drop orders made for select contractors. It had only two operators over the years—the secret to a reliable, well-maintained machine. 95% of its use was in the clean, dry environment of our shop. The expandable mandrel uncoiler can be bolted to the top of the machine and has a 3,000# coil capacity. When combining that with a 3,000# coil on the truck flatbed we could deliver up to 45 squares of 18” wide, 24 gauge panels in one jobsite trip. Except for the pause at shearing, it flies at around 70LF/minute, a SQUARE A MINUTE.

Also available is a 30’ over-the-wheel gooseneck flatbed trailer capable of transporting ~36’ panels. It was really productive to make the panels in the shop, stack them on the flatbed as they were run, then delivered to the jobsite. Often the flatbed was left at the site so the workmen could use it as a clean platform to cut valleys, hem eaves, etc. There is an ~6’ x 8’ platform over the gooseneck assembly that can be used to transport tools, rolled goods, etc.  It is well equipped with strap hooks. The trailer is like new and has always been garaged. Might need one new tire.

The machine has been worked over from front to back. Upon bring it back to service recently, we had a minor rebuilding of the 16HP gas engine and replaced the choke cable. This machine is ready to make panels right now. We also have a large inventory of 24 and 26 gauge steel in coil and flatstock forms so you can ship an order tomorrow.


              Rollformer: $50,000.00

30’ Over-wheel Flatbed: $12,000.00

BOTH Rollformer and Flatbed: $56,000.00

Located in Sparks, Nevada, 89431. Ready to make money for you right now.

Contact: Brian Casey 530/583-4444 bcasey@summiticemelt.com